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Quality and Productivity

Aiddo Document Assembly Server (ADAS) is a centralized service for document creation and document template management. ADAS provides a modern, service oriented approach for document production.

Support for document formats

Supported Document Formats

ADAS supports all the relevant document formats like Microsoft Office Word and Excel, Pdf. Document templates are edited using the familiar MS Office tools.

Structured document templates

Document Templates and Parts

Document templates are stuctured: they can contain parts, which can be conditional or repeatable. Parts can also be common to several templates. As a result, even highly complex documents can be produced.

Users - Use Documents

ADAS for users

Customer: For customers of the organization ADAS provides high quality documents. Offers, agreements and other documents can be customised to contain just the relevant information.
Employee: From the employee perspective ADAS makes document processes more fluent and flexible without compromising document quality. Full featured document templates with powerful metadata make it possible to automate many of the steps in document processes.

Content Creators - Manage Document Template Contents

ADAS for content specialists

Quality management: Quality management is challenging when using traditional document templates and macro-enabled content logic. Delivering content changes to production systems is slow, making it difficult to ensure consistent, up to date documents. In ADAS new documents are always generated in a centralized service and dynamically based on up to date document templates, making it considerably easier to manage the quality of the documents and minimize the risk of outdated output.
Brand Management: Dynamic document templates and common parts enable efficient brand management. Document style, logos and layout can be updated in a centralized way without needing to make changes to applications in every channels.

Software Developers - Responsible of Development of Applications

ADAS for developers

Application development: ADAS service interface is simple and can be used with both SOAP and REST mechanisms. These are supported by modern development tools and software developers are familiar with them.
Project management: ADAS creates a new document by merging the document data sent by the application to a document template stored in the service. The interface between application developers and template administrators is clear, helping project scheduling, resourcing, and division of responsibilities.
Hosting: ADAS always generates documents based on templates stored in a central document template repository. Template changes can be made by content specialists as a continuous service without need for application installations or service downtime.

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